Yesterday (10/17) afternoon we had our final charter of the summer season with 5 guests from the Cold Springs area.  This was our first “repeat” business – one of the ladies had chartered with us last August.  Before they left, they booked another charter for next September.  I guess they like us!
The weather cooperated as it was cool but dry with just enough wind to do a little sailing.  For dinner Laura made Pan Seared Talapia with Potato Fans along with a fresh apple pie for dessert.  Everyone raved about the food.  MMMmmmmm!
We are leaving Catskill today to start our trip south.  We had planned on leaving tomorrow but a review of the long range weather forecasts show favorable winds for off-shore NJ on Wednesday then not so good for the following several days.  So…  We’ll try to hustle down the Hudson River, fill up our fuel tank in Atlantic Highlands, NY (near Sandy Hook) and zoom off-shore toward Norfolk early Wednesday morning.  If all goes to plan (and it never does), we’ll be in Chesapeake Bay around Friday so we can hunker-down for the next weather system, and big winds, coming through on the weekend.
Our very tentative schedule is to be in Oriental, NC around Holloween to visit our friends D and Don for a few days.  There is a space shuttle launch scheduled for Nov 12th which will probably be delayed (they usually are) so we’re hoping to be in Titusville around Nov 20th.  Miami for Thanksgiving then cruise Biscayne Bay for a week or so to check the place out for a potential charter site.   We’ll be back in Marathon around Dec 1st.

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