Thursday, 12/3/09

December 3rd and we’re still on the move. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with more than enough food to feed 300 people, I don’t think there were that many there, but it was a great crowd. We still missed our families though, and even though miles separated us, you were all on our minds and in our hearts and we are very thankful for our loved ones.

Friday morning there was a “swap meet” in town, and we took some books and DVD’s to swap, but no one else had DVD’s ..oh well, we ended up walking to the book shop and donated a few of the books I had with us. Friday night we met again with about 15 boaters, many others had already picked up anchor and were on their way. Early Saturday morning, that was us. We made it to St Augustine, but anchored as we got in just as the sun was setting. Then instead of wasting a nice weather day at a marina, we left Sunday morning early again and got to the Daytona area by mid afternoon. There we went into a Marina, where I did a bunch of loads of laundry. Bill did a thorough clean up of the boat with fresh water, filled the water tank which we desperately needed.. and we enjoyed a quiet night on the first dock that we’ve had to pay for since leaving NY 6 weeks ago.

Up at 8 we were once again on our way motor-sailing down the ICW to Titusville. On our way there we got a call from our friends Wendy and Chad.. they have crewed on Catamarans for the past few years in the Caribbean, but since the owner of the boat they were on was selling it, they decided to look into getting their own boat and doing couples charters themselves. They had found a gorgeous 55 foot Tyana in Ft Lauderdale under foreclosure. They were on their way north with it to St Augustine where they will have it on the hard and do some major work on it. They want to be ready to have it at the broker show in May in Tortola, BVI, where they will be chartering. They were in Melbourne, only a day away from Titusville, and on their way north, so we decided to hang out there to see them. There was also going to be a storm coming in on Wed- Wed night, and Titusville was a great anchorage to hole up for that. We enjoyed the next two nights having dinner with Chad and Wendy and I have just fallen in love with their boat.. maybe our next one?? Haha.

Today, Thursday, started out a bit cloudy, but we decided to continue our journey. Looking at the forecast, Saturday night into Sunday will prove a nice day to head off shore. Looking ahead, we’re planning on getting down to Lake Worth and head out from there. That will take us to Key Biscayne, only 2 days from there to Marathon!!


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