Sunday, 11/15/09

Bill was up very early, but we waited until about 7 am to pull up the anchor and head out to New River Marina for fuel and water. By 8 am we were fueled up and on our way. Picking up the tide current we made some good time, but since we were only going about 40 miles today, we didn’t push it and had a leisurely motor/sail as the winds were very light and the sun was warm and inviting. Yay!! We’re looking at having a few really nice days for the week.
There were a lot more dolphins today, most of them a lighter gray, probably bottle nose. We see them ahead of us, then what seems like we’ll run over them, they are all of a sudden behind us, not surfacing by the boat like they do in Florida. I can’t wait to get down there. I just love the sea life. This winter, I plan on doing much more snorkeling.
We anchored early, around 2:30 this afternoon in Wrightsville Beach, NC. This is the first time I have been in here. It’s a very busy anchorage, I’m sure because it’s the weekend, but nice. Quiet now that night has fallen after a most beautiful sunset. I’ll never tire of the ever changing canvas called the western horizon.


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