Saturday, 11/14/09

Wow, we can’t believe that it’s been two whole weeks since coming to Oriental, NC. We have totally enjoyed our stay here. D and Don were excellent hosts, opening not only their home, but finding free docking not only for us, but about half a dozen other cruisers in the two weeks we were there. We teased them about having a revolving door and I’m not sure D ever knew how many were going to be there for dinner each night. We all pitched in for meals, even having a “left-over” pot luck one night. That was interesting and fun. Great conversation and a late night game of chicken-foot dominoes made for great memories. While D and Don work on an overhaul of their boat for the next few years, we’ll plan to make their home a stopping point on our way north and south. They are certainly wonderful people with big hearts! And Oriental is a wonderful little town. Thanks again you two!!
Now we are once again underway, making our way to Florida. Since “Hurricane Ida” came farther northeast than originally expected, she’s kept the last few days rainy and very windy. Although today was overcast, the “nice” winds made it a great travel day. We made excellent time, timing the currents in our favor, making 56 nm and getting to our anchorage Mile Hammock Bay, just after sunset. Traveling in this type of weather isn’t bad in the ICW, but “Ida” sure has done a number on the seas off the coast. They are still pretty wild and confused and will be for about 4-5 days, so for the time being we’ll be staying in the “ditch.”
We saw a few different pods of dolphins today. They seem to come in at the inlets and “fish”. A few times there were as many as 12 in one area, arching their fins up and slapping their tails. They must have found some really good feeding grounds. The dolphins here seem to be a dark gray or black.
While underway, I roasted some boneless chicken breasts and thighs and right after anchoring, made some chicken chow mien. With rice, crispy “noodles” and a glass of white wine, dinner on the “hook” really felt like we were “home again”. I hear the wind whistling outside, but toasty and warm in here, we’re ready for a good nights sleep.


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