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Wet Summer in Catskill, NY

August 2, 2009

Our summer in Catskill has been very wet with rain almost every day.  The charter business has been slow and we are attributing it to the weather and poor economy.  But, we have had some great charters including our first “two-fer” – both a lunch and dinner charter on the same day.

I think we’ve had so much rain that it’s washed away the calking on the boat.  We seem to be springing up new leaks with every rainstorm.  I spent the majority of yesterday tearing into the toe-rail on the starboard side of our aft-cabin.  It had delaminated and was dripping down the wall a little under heavy rain.  I cut out as much as possible from between the boards that had delaminated, let it dry, then filled in with epoxy.  After drying I sanded than painted to make it look nice on the outside.  Seems good so far but time will tell.

We’ve had lots of visits from family and friends over the past couple months including Laura’s son Ben, his wife Mel and 8 month old son Ryan.  It was their first visit to Second Wind and we really had a great day.  For a change, we had excellent winds for sailing the Hudson and Ben had a ball trying to keep the sails full with the boat close-hauled.  He took to it really well and I hope we can get them out on more open water sometime.

We have been keeping busy with marketing our business and working side jobs when possible.  Always something to do…..