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Entry for July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008

Hello all!! Well just a quick update on our lives.. Bill has gotten everything together for applying for his Capt’s license and believe me, it has entailed much more than I would have thought, everything from a physical, to a drug test, and even having passport size photos taken, besides all the application paperwork. We have to take it to a Coast Guard Regional Exam Center, either in NYC or Boston. They will take fingerprints, review all the paperwork then schedule a test date. We hope to take that trip early next week, possibly.

I have been looking for some work, had a few interviews, with a 2-3 month temp position looking pretty good. Another interview next week for it, then it begins around the 15th. In the meantime, I’ve started working on replacing our full enclosure of the cockpit. That’s going to be quite the job.. it’s a good thing I have the panels to use as templates. I’ve used the dock space and even some of the picnic tables as measuring and cutting tables, I’m hoping there will be enough room in the salon to do the sewing.

We’ve had some family and friends visit us and occasionally enjoy a day out on the river. The winds have been on the low side, so not much sailing going on.. If you haven’t been down to visit, give us a call and we’ll plan something soon.