Entry for February 25, 2008

Sunday afternoon and we’re both exhausted.. Another overnight trip and not much sleep.(Bill didn’t get any, so he’s now out for the count!) It actually was a wonderful sail for most of the way, and we were making such good time that we hit our St Barth’s anchorage at 5 am(too dark to maneuver into the harbor) so we opted for plan B.. continuing to St Martin’s. Sint Maarten as the Dutch side is called.
Yesterday, after making sure the engine was all up and running properly, with no leaks, we went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, then to customs to check out, and out into the outer harbor for a few hours. We did take an hour to do a little snorkeling around some of the island reefs, but there weren’t too many fish. We went back to the boat, had an early dinner and got everything tucked away for the trip. The winds were a steady 10-14 knots when we left Jolly Harbor, Antigua at 6pm and as I mentioned, we were making great time as the wind was mostly to the beam.. or on a broad reach(coming almost from behind us). Late into the night the winds and squalls picked up. .we missed most of the rains, but with the stronger winds, we had to pull in some sail. On about a half jib and ¾ main we were still making 7+ knots of speed. Somewhere around sunrise, there were squalls all around us, so we pulled the main in all the way and were still able to get over 6 knots with just about 2/3’s of a jib. We pulled into Simpson Bay and anchored at just after 8am. That means we did a whole 93 miles in 14 hours.. over 6.5 knots average!!
After only about an hour in the harbor, we pulled up the anchor and caught the opening of the bridge to head into the inner harbor, what they call Simpson Bay Lagoon. When Bill wakes up shortly, we’ll head into Customs and Immigration. We’ll probably stay here a few days, as the winds are calming down, and won’t pick up again until Wednesday or Thursday for our run to Anegada, BVI. Another overnight trip, that hopefully will be quick,, I love this down wind sailing!!


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